Recovering from micro-fracture surgery :(

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Apr 09, 2011



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Recover From Injury

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Marathon #3 - PR - Salt Lake Marathon 2011- BMQ 3:41:03

PR - Bryce Canyon Half - July 2011 1:38:29



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Recovering from micro-fracture surgery on my right knee.  I tore the cartilage off of my knee while doing a speed-training run one month before Boston.  Doc gave me a cortisone shot so that I was able to finish Boston.  After the surgery, I was told to never run again. :(

Long-Term Running Goals:


Ran Boston on April 14, 2012! 



Married, 40 year old, mother of four. 


"In truth, runners don't race other runners.  They race against themselves: to conquer their wills, to transcend their weaknesses, to beat back their nightmares.  And while a runner can't actually beat himself, he can beat his time. Even years into running, he can get better." Running for His Life by Michael Hall


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Jun (Craig) invited me to join a bunch of FRBers for a run at South Mountain this morning.  I coaxed my mom into coming over early to get the kids off to school for me and babysit Jake.  

We met at a Chevron and drove to the trailhead of Anne's Trail. I was feeling a bit nervous since it was 25 degrees on my car thermometer.  Jumped out and got ready to run.  It was nice of the guys to ask how my ovary was doing!  I know...I know....I am a TMIer! :)  Just for those of you who ovary is fine, ovulation is over! haha!

Yes, I was the caboose for most of the run.   It was beautiful though.  I really enjoyed being able to get out and run a trail.  It is so much more fun than running on the road.  I was out of breath and unable to talk for the majority of the run and it is not like me to keep quiet, but I was really hoping I would be able to finish without passing out on the trail.  

 Thanks Craig for the invite and the great run. I hope to get in better shape soon so that I won't always be the caboose!  


Craig took this pic today up on Anne's Trail.  Yep, me in one of my new running skirts! :) 

I had to pay my mom back for babysitting by going on a walk with her after the run.  We went to Flat Iron Mesa Park and walked 4 miles.  I was FREEZING because of my stinky wet running clothes.  I then went to Costco and ran into 4 people that I haven't seen in forever.  Who knew that Costco could be so much fun.  I realized on my way home that I was still in my stinky clothes and was smelling pretty bad and had hugged everyone a couple of times in Costco..hahaha!  Next time I go to Costco, I am going to smell good and look cute, just in case! 

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Ran 5 in 41. 

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I need help.  I need a running program to help me at Boston.  I have been eating crappy and running crappy.  All of you runners that have had years of experience and racing....please post me the tips that have helped you the most.  

My husband is so organized and such a list maker that it can drive me crazy at times.  I don't like to be so organized that I live my life by a list.  I prefer to be spontaneous....I do make lists at times when I keep forgetting to get something done. ha!

I think, if I want to get a 3:30 for Boston, I am really going to have to discipline myself and work and live on a schedule that will get me there.  

I don't know if it is the weather or time of year, but I have not been feeling like eating anything healthy.  I just can't eat a salad and veggies everyday.  Lately, I have been living off of a handful of raw almonds and organic raisins that I throw in a ziplock and eat as I am driving around.  I do eat an orange a day and drink milk....but, mostly I live off of Diet Pepsi.....sad, I know.  I was eating great during the summer and now I just don't want to! I do drink a protein shake before I head our for a run and take some beans or bloks if I am running long.


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Ran 15.5 in 2:25 with my 22 yr old nephew and his 23 yr old friend.  I made them walk a bit because I was feeling so sick, so we weren't all that fast because of a bit of walking.  I felt like I had the flu on the run and they kept talking about how hungry they were and how everything smelled so good as we would run by different restaurants.

My nephew ran a 3:30 at his last marathon and he only ran once a week with me for the long run.  I can see why qualifying times are different for gender and age.  I will run for months in hopes of coming close to a 3:30. 

We went out to Cafe Rio after and I had the chicken salad.  I didn't feel like eating at all.  I felt sooooo sick!  They both downed big burritos and were still hungry.  

I came home and jumped in a hot tub and felt like I was going to throw up.  I am finally feeling better after laying on my bed and making myself eat some wheat toast and milk.  What am I doing?  15.5 about did me in today!!!  I am wondering how I EVER ran a full 26.2! 

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I woke up feeling good.

 Shoveled snow and then did speedwork on the dreadmill until I felt like I was going to puke!

Going to Cheesecake Factory tonight for a double date.  I am sure I will be able to carb up tonight and I am finally feeling pretty good.  That run just kicked my butt yesterday!  

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